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  • Chris Griffin's birthday is February 8th, same as Seth Green's.
  • This is the second time Herbert is seen in a US military uniform. He was seen in uniform previously in "Padre de Familia", singing "God Bless the USA" with children.
  • The US Flag on Herbert's arm is facing the wrong way. On a moving object the stars are always placed towards the front of the object.
  • There is only one named bit character in this episode, Frieda.
  • Franz sings "Der Kommissar" by Falco with a puppet of Chris. This is the second Falco melody used in Family Guy, along with "I'm A Tumor" set to Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus" in "Petarded".
  • There is only one cutaway gag in the broadcast version of this episode and none by the regular characters. The uncensored cut adds an extra cutaway by Peter.
  • Stewie has no speaking lines in the broadcast episode. He has one line in the uncensored version.
  • The "Cleveland steamer" returns when Peter calls Franz "Mr. Poopenchest".
  • The doors to the Nazi room and the bathroom in Franz' house say 'keineentranzmitplatzmunchen' and 'gluckmachnichtenmechwerchtichlieber', which mean 'no entry with placecoins' and 'I don't like luck, but I prefer working', both in very poor German and literally translated.
  • Franz's assumed and real last names are essentially opposites; 'gutentag' translates to 'good day', while 'schlechtnacht' translates to 'bad night'.
  • The DVD animatic gives Herbert's first name as "John".
  • The DVD commentary reported that the fight between Herbert and Franz is made by Dru Dog Productions, Inc.

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