The Hall of Justice is the public headquarters of the Justice League/Super Friends in DC Comics.

In a cutaway gag in "A Hero Sits Next Door", members of the Super Friends watch Peter play strip poker with Wonder Woman at the Hall of Justice.

The Mexican Super Friends have their own Hispanic version of the Hall of Justice under lease in "No Meals on Wheels", although when Mexican Superman's landlord gets mad over him letting all the superheroes live here when he said that only five people were coming. Mexican Superman has Mexican Batman flee when the discussion of a taco pickup order would blow their secret and get them evicted.

The Super Friends opening of "Family Goy" prominently features the Hall of Justice.

The Superfriends Accountant in "Grumpy Old Man" points out that the Hall is a big money drain and asks if there is any chance that Bruce Wayne would lend money. Bruce Wayne's alter-ego, Batman, quickly speaks up and says that Bruce wouldn't lend them any money and then slightly backtracks by commenting that he had heard it already.