• At the beginning of the episode, Lois said that she wants Chris to get into that Indian chief costume she bought for him and out of the Bill Cosby blackface he wears. He instead puts on Optimus Prime.
  • Joe and Peter try to inject Quagmire with 39 diseases he already has. The mosquito, that bit Quagmire, gave him his 40th disease.
  • Stewie pronounces the word ruined perfectly in this episode, unlike in "Love, Blactually".
  • This is Stewie's first Halloween since he is not aware of the Trick or Treat tradition.
  • Quagmire was the first gonorrhea patient.
  • After Brian is spray painted pink, Stewie points out the Pink Panther. After he states "Welcome to Hell", a shortened version of the Pink Panther theme plays.
  • A monster resembling Godzilla is shown getting blown up by Stewie's rocket after it misfires.
  • When Stewie suggests going to Mort's house and getting "gross Jewish candy", he mentions Hamantaschen and Rugelach, which are both actual Jewish pastries.
  • Peter attempts to give Quagmire hepatitis, although Peter should have already known Quagmire had it because he tells both Joe and Peter he has hepatitis in "Don't Make Me Over".
  • During the scene when Quagmire is making the Kamikaze dive on the aircraft carrier, the number 37 is seen on the flight deck, identifying the ship as CV-37; the USS Princeton. However. aircraft carrier CV-37 was scrapped & dismantled in 1971.
  • Quagmire takes Peter and Joe on a ride in a Japanese Zero fighter. However, the A6M Zero is a single seater plane.
  • In the scene where Meg makes out with Chris, she wears a brassiere with straps. However, her "slutty cat" costume is strapless.
  • During the scene where Meg is making out with Chris, for television airings, Meg is shown wearing a bra and skirt and Chris is wearing his pants. For the uncensored version, both are shown in their underwear instead.
  • The DVD commentary points out that this episode was unusual for having three plot lines instead of the standard two, involving almost all of the major characters. A fourth plot line featuring Lois and Bonnie passing out candy was planned but didn't make it into the final episode. The DVD commentary also identifies the names of Meg's friends as Ruth, Esther and Patty. It also says that Family Guy Online used the aerial scenes to plot out the map of Quahog.

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