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  • The name of the episode is an reference to the film Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • Peter confuses "kamikaze" with "Karma Chameleon," the 1983 Culture Club song.
  • Mayor Adam West passes out candy to a kid dressed as Batman. The real Adam West starred in the title role of the classic campy 1960's TV show of the same name.
  • When the plane that Quagmire is piloting takes off, the music played is a Japanese rendition of the theme from Top Gun.
  • Stewie's fall from the roof when attempting to fire a rocket at the bullies is a homage to a similar fall in The Burbs.
  • The names of Stewie's candy are based off of real candy:
Kookie Nut Pop: Tootsie Roll Pop
Jim 'n' Ms: M&Ms
64 thousand dollar bar: 100 Grand bar
Not a Finger: Butterfinger
Dawkin's Peanut Butter Disk: Reeses Cup

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