• This is the second time that Peter mistakes the monkey for Meg. After "Stewie Loves Lois".
  • The story of the monkey's wife cheating on him was seen in "Ready, Willing, and Disabled".
  • While Chris was sleeping, Peter and Quagmire came in his room and put his hand in warm water where he then peed in his bed followed by Quagmire punching him in the eye which result in a black eye. Then Lois came in his room and stole some money from his wallet. Then Herbert entered his room in his underwear and painted a picture of Chris.
  • Meg reveals she has her own evil monkey in her closet, but bigger, muscular, and with black fur.
  • Meg reveals that she and Chris practice kissing on each other, this is later seen in "Nanny Goats".
  • Peter's discontent with Chris going with the Monkey to the Father-Son barbecue in Monkeykid may be furthered by his own childhood, when Francis didn't go with him to father-son picnics, and instead had to create a stand-in, as seen in "Holy Crap".
  • This episode portrays Miley Cyrus as a redhead, but she's a brunette in real life.
  • While Chris and the Evil Monkey were fishing, Chris caught Aquaman and then he and the Monkey ate him for dinner.
  • The evil monkey moves on to live in Jake Tucker's closet.
  • According to the DVD commentary, Danny Smith wanted to make Monkey's real name Gunnar but the other writing staff refused as they couldn't take the name seriously.
  • Also according to the DVD commentary, before the ending credits, the house was supposed to be zoomed out with you hearing Brian going like "Oh!" "Oh!" "Yeah, right there! Right there!" "Oh." The scene then goes into the house, showing Brian and Miley's hand in a bed, with him saying "You...are amazing."

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