• After a lifeguard mistakes Chris for a van, Peter places the automotive protective device 'The Club' on Chris.
  • A signed picture of Channel 5’s “Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa” saying “Thanks, Dr. Ling!” can be seen on the Chinese/Irish acupuncturist’s wall.
  • The shot of Peter licking his nipple to embarrass Chris at the hotel pool was used as one of the clips in “The FCC Song" in “PTV”.
  • This is the first episode which surprisingly Chris notices he is fat.
  • Meg mentions to Chris that in order to lose weight all that he needs to do is regurgitate after eating. However, in "Back to the Woods", James Woods needed to show her the same technique.
  • Chris reads a comic book featuring the superhero She-Hulk.
  • While reading a newspaper, Brian states his admiration for former First Lady of the United States, Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • When Meg says that a lot of famous people have gotten Plastic Surgery, a scene shows a young Eskimo man of the name "Jennifer Love Hewitt" leaving home with the promise of becoming a famous Hollywood actor once he has used the services of a cosmetic surgeon.
  • Cleveland claims that his brother Broderick performed liposuction on actress Nell Carter and used the excess fat to “make the two kids from Good Burger,” a 1997 comedy film starring Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson.
  • At the end, the doctor treating Peter takes off Peter’s bandages and reveals what looks to be his new face in the shape of the children’s toy, the Mr. Potato Head doll.

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