Heather is a doll that Chris constructs to be his girlfriend in "Encyclopedia Griffin". Although originally mistaken for a sex doll, he reveals that she only keeps him company until Peter gets him to make a pin up calendar and he takes her collapsing her head into his lap as a sign of wanting a sexual relationship.

However, Lois soon begins to notice that Chris treats the doll better than Peter treats her. She takes Peter along on a picnic with Chris and Heather, hoping that he'll be reminded of how to treat a lady, but the lesson is lost on Peter. That night in a jealous rage, Lois kidnaps the doll, but when she sees how broken up Chris is over its disappearance, she leads him to where she buried it in the woods, after stabbing it multiple times and having other confused feelings with it, when Chris notices that Heather's makeup is smeared. Lois tells him that if he'll treat a real girl like he treated the doll, he'll be ok as he realizes that his is past Heather. He talks Lois into cutting out the "baby," a bag of Skittles candy, and eating it first.