• This episode is one of the few episodes to have a cutaway from a previous event in the exact same episode.
  • In the 1956 women in the workplace video one of the female characters that was especially homely in appearance was named Muriel. Family Guy would later introduce the wife of Mort Goldman, named Muriel Goldman.
  • The comedy club Peter and Lois go to is called the Chuckle Bucket Comedy Club.
  • When Peter goes to the Workplace Sensitivity Training course, there is an advertisement which says, "Tomorrow: the Dyslexic Film Society Presents Chevy Chase in Feltch. Fletch was a film indeed starring Chase. The film title is deliberately misspelled to be homonymous with the name of a sexual practice.
  • Peter mentions that Gloria Ironbachs and [Camille Paglia will both “whip it out” and see who is bigger. Camille Paglia is a Freudian literary critic noted for slamming modern-day feminism. It is also of note that her last name is mispronounced on this episode. Her last name is pronounced “Pall-ee-a,’” not “Pag-lee-a.”
  • Huck Griffin, one of Peter's ancestors is named after Mark Twain's character, Huckleberry Finn.
  • The Million Man March was a 1995 protest march on Washington, focusing on respect for and brotherhood of male African-Americans.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Jim Kaplan.
  • Gloria Ironbachs was the name used in a parody human rights complaint which was dismissed in July 2013.[1]

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