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I Need a Jew
Peter wishing for a Jew.
From the episode: When You Wish Upon a Weinstein
Singers: Peter Griffin
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"I Need a Jew" is a song performed by Peter Griffin that featured a cameo by Max Weinstein in "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein". After falling on hard financial times, Peter realizes he needs a good accountant to help get him out. He believes that Jews make the best accountants based on the thrifty Jewish stereotype.

The song was the subject of controversy as the Bourne Music Co., who was the original publisher of "When You Wish Upon a Star", which this song is a parody of, filed a lawsuit against several Fox divisions, Cartoon Network, Fuzzy Door Productions, Family Guy producer Seth MacFarlane and composer Walter Murphy, claiming copyright infringement over "I Need a Jew", seeking unspecified damages and to halt the program's distribution. The suit claims harm to the value of the song due to the offensive nature of the lyrics.

On March 16, 2009, U.S. District Judge Deborah Batts ruled that the creators of Family Guy did not infringe on Bourne's copyright. The episode has since returned to syndicated airings.

The original version of the song includes the lyric "Even though they killed my lord", which was later changed to "I don't think they killed my lord" in syndicated airings of the episode. However, the original lyrics are still intact in most uncensored versions of the episode.





Nothing else has worked so far,

So I'll wish upon a star,

Wondrous dancing speck of light,

I need a Jew...

Lois makes me take the rap,

Cause our checkbook looks like crap,

Since I can't give her a slap,

I need a Jew...

Where to find

A Baum or Stien or Stein

To teach me how to whine

And do my taxes...

Though by many they're abhorred,

Hebrew people I've adored,

Even though they killed my lord,*

I need a Jew!


Hi, my name's Max Weinstein,

my car just broke down,

may I use your phone?


Now my troubles are all through

I have a Jew!



*Censored lyrics: "I don't think they killed my Lord"

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