• Chris does not appear in this episode.
  • Nicole Sullivan and Patrick Warburton also work together on the series Kim Possible whose star Christy Carlson Romano guest stars as a one night stand for Quagmire. In addition, she appeared in Disney's Meet the Robinsons with one of her character's brothers being played by Adam West.
  • At Quagmire’s funeral the man working the cement truck remarks how Mayor West is afraid of zombies. In the film Zombie Nightmare, Adam West’s character is killed by a zombie.
  • When Stewie sneaks into Peter and Lois's room to steal Lois's breast milk, the time shown on the clock is 4:20, a reference to 420, a number associated with cannabis culture.
  • The Wheel of Fortune scene is almost completely factually accurate down to the shopping, the bonus round with only five consonants and a vowel, the ceramic dalmatian which was frequently offered as a prize, the $25,000 sign, and a near-perfect rendition of the 1980s "Changing Keys" theme song.
  • During the bonus round of Wheel of Fortune, Peter asks for the letter Z, the number 4, the letter Q three times, and concludes with asking for the Batman symbol. After Peter answers the bonus round's question in one try, Peter asks to buy "the fat guy in the circle," which is himself.
  • This episode's Jeopardy! scene includes one of the few times that Mayor West's apparent delusions were proven correct. A year after the episode's airing, a Jeopardy contestant actually did write down “Kebert Xela” after he couldn't answer a question.[1]
  • The one free week of maid's service Peter wins had a $250 sign on it.
  • Quagmire's revealed foot fetish retroactively places the belief that he would be the first to be aroused by Chris's Statue of Liberty project that he taped over Assablanca with in "Death Has a Shadow".
  • Peter gets lost driving The Great Space Coaster. A portion of the theme song from that show is also played.
  • Peter calls Pat Sajak “Regis,” mistaking him for Regis Philbin.
  • When Glenn speaks in Elvish to Joan, he actually says a true Elvish word, “Mithrandir,” which, in The Lord of the Rings, is the name the Elves use for the character of Gandalf.
  • When Quagmire asks Cleveland how he got out of his marriage, Cleveland said, “You slept with my wife.” This is the second reference to Quagmire having sex with Loretta. The first being “The Perfect Castaway”.
  • Death remarks that he had to see someone at NBC about Joey, and that he is going to a Celine Dion show but he’s not going to kill her, he’s going to watch her die on her own.
  • While faking a dinosaur eating Quagmire’s body, Peter hums the Jurassic Park theme.
  • On the censored version of this episode, Cleveland's use of the word "erection" is bleeped out.
  • On the uncensored version when Peter decides to fake Quagmire's death, he adds "This will be better than that soda I invented," then goes to a cutaway of Peter pitching Crystal Pepsi and stating that it's better than regular Pepsi, in case someone comes at the drinker with a knife and the drinker can’t see past the regular Pepsi. According to DVD commentary, this scene was rejected because of a Standards and Practices rule where a TV show couldn’t favor a product that’s not a show sponsor.

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