• Peter writes a letter to try and save the show Coach, mentioning Craig T. Nelson in the letter.
  • As Peter and Chris are walking into the TV station they pass by the screens for the six television networks showing programs for their various appeals: ABC with game shows like Jeopardy!, NBC with late-night talk shows like The Tonight Show, FOX with sci-fi shows like The X-Files, CBS with shows for old people, The WB with teen dramas like Dawson's Creek and UPN with a plant in the window, accurately predicting its demise.
  • The six plagues are from the biblical story of Moses in Ancient Egypt. When Moses told King Ramses to free the Hebrews and he refused, God sent 10 plagues down: the Nile River turning red with blood causing all fish to die, a swarm of frogs, a swarm of lice covering man and beast, a plague of flies causing sickness, disease on livestock, festering boils on the Egyptians caused by ashes, raining hail, a horde of locusts eat all remaining plant life and crops, a thick darkness over the land for three days, and finally, the death of every firstborn son except those whose families had painted lamb's blood over their doors. The only plagues the Griffins don't receive are flies, disease on livestock, locusts, and hail, although Lois mentions them.
  • It is shown that NBC invented "Catillsday" so they could air another edition of Dateline. At the time this episode aired, Dateline was on five nights a week.
  • Hollywood Squares is parodied with its celebrity guests LL Cool J, Charles Grodin, Fran Drescher, Scott Bakula, Whoopi Goldberg, Suzanne Sommers, Dennis Rodman and Betty White. The comical attitude of Hollywood Squares was caught in the episode too, the host asks the sick kid if there is anything lower than absolute zero, and he says "my white cell count."
  • A sign outside NBC's Studio reads "We Used to Have Seinfeld, Remember?"
  • At one point, Peter apologizes to Chris, stating that "This isn't the first time my appetite's gotten me in trouble." The scene cuts to a parody of the film The Diary of Anne Frank during the Nazi infiltration of the house in which the Frank family was hiding. The clip suggests the reason the Franks were discovered was because Peter was hiding with them, eating potato chips obnoxiously loud.
  • Brian states to Peter that the reason for the plagues is that "God is pissed!", but in "Love, Blactually", he later declares himself to be an atheist.

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