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In the Air Tonight
In the air tonight
From the episode: Petergeist
Singers: Stewie Griffin
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"In the Air Tonight" is a song by Phil Collins which first appeared on his 1981 album, Face Value. It was the first single of Collins's solo career, and remains one of his best-known hits. The music video, was among those aired on the first broadcast day of MTV.

In "Petergeist", Stewie Griffin had been trapped in the spirit world and is residing in the television. He decides to experiment with his voice by singing the first few lines of the song and while doing so producing the same voice effect as Collins' performance.


Stewie: Oh wait, hold on a second, I want to try something...

I remember

I remember, don't worry-worry

How could I ever forget

The hurt doesn't show, but the pain still gro-ows

It's no stranger to you and me

Du du du du du du du du du-du-du-du-du

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