• Peter's campfire song "inspired by one of the great legends of the Old West" is about two cowboys engaging in sodomy, a reference to the film Brokeback Mountain.
  • Lois claims that Darth Vader tried to buy yellowcake uranium from unwed teenage mothers. This is a reference to George W. Bush’s claim in his 2003 State of the Union Address that the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein had attempted to purchase yellowcake from Niger, a claim based on the Niger uranium forgeries.
  • Stewie tells Brian that every hundred years, Donny Most rises from the mist; soon after, Most is seen rising from the mist as a choir sings his name to the tune of the title song from Brigadoon, a reference to the television show Happy Days and a parody of the lyrics of its title song.
  • The Disney film shown in the movie theater in one cutaway is a parody of Home on the Range, a Disney animated Feature Film released in 2004 about three cows who set out to save their farm.
  • After the Griffin family loses their hair and dons 18th-century wigs, Stewie and Peter parody the scene from Amadeus where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart mocks Antonio Salieri’s music after a disguised Salieri requests it.

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