James Woods is a forest that Patrick Pewterschmidt ran into to escape from Peter Griffin and the National Association for the Advancement of Fat People.

In "The Fat Guy Strangler", Peter and the NAAFP chase him on their Rascals after Brian revealed he was the Fat Guy Strangler. Peter spots Patrick running into a forest called James Woods. Patrick starts walking in the forest, but Peter captures him with a rope. When Lois arrives and finds Patrick with a stranglehold on Peter, she threatens Patrick's invisible wife Marian Pewterschmidt. Patrick decides to surrender and go back to the Brookfield Insane Asylum. When Peter asks Brian for help, Brian throws a rock that hits Peter in revenge for him rolling up the windows in the General Lee in "To Love and Die in Dixie".

In the same manner as James Woods Regional High School, it is named after Rhode Island native and actor James Woods.