Jenny Curran is a fictional character who is Forrest Gump's school sweetheart.

In "Yug Ylimaf" the lines Peter and Lois say after exiting the hospital following Stewie's birth parody the scene in Forrest Gump in which Forrest asks Jenny, "Is he smart, or is he like me?", after finding out that Jenny's son is also his own.

In "Quagmire's Quagmire", Peter notes that love does funny things to people when Quagmire gets in over his head with a sexually insatiable Sonja but Peter is oblivious to his attempts to get help. A cutaway to Forrest Gump shows his sweetheart, Jenny putting off their relationship to have sex or drugs with various other people. When she comes down with AIDS, she finally decides to settle down with Gump and he has remained faithful to her, taking care of her AIDS-afflicted baby and mowing the lawn.

Jenny is voiced by Alex Borstein.