• Chris and Meg have only one line in this episode.
  • This is the third time Stewie is seen riding his trike, after "The Kiss Seen Around the World", and "Stewie B. Goode".
  • This is only the second time that Brian uses the phrase "Whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?" in its original variation.
  • Prior to the second break, an animation of the Macintosh "working" cursor appears mid-sentence, with Peter stating they'll have to wait for it to go away before he can finish the sentence.
  • All of Quagmire's complaints about Brian are previous history about his life: Failed college twice ("Brian Goes Back to College") but still acts pretentious, hits on Peter's wife (almost every episode), defecates on the lawn ("Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey"), rescues him from death ("Brian: Portrait of a Dog"), never pays anyone back ("Patriot Games"), made a weed campaign ("420"), and is an atheist (shown in "Love, Blactually" and "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven"), dates dumb chicks (Jillian) but says he likes women for their minds, hates big businesses crushing the underclass ("Hell Comes to Quahog") but doesn't do anything about it, his novel (Faster Than the Speed of Love) which Quagmire says is terrible, and has a son he never sees (Dylan from "The Former Life of Brian").
  • In this episode, Quagmire also reveals that Cheryl Tiegs is the love of his life, as later returns in "And Then There Were Fewer" and "Tiegs for Two".
  • Jerome refers to Lois as 'Loose Lois', the same nickname Gene Simmons used in "Road to Europe".
  • This episode reveals that Quagmire has a sister named Brenda Quagmire whose boyfriend beats her. Also, this episode reveals that Quagmire has a deaf brother.
  • Quagmire previously tolerated Brian sitting with him at the Clam in such episodes as "Meet the Quagmires" and "The Former Life of Brian". He even went as far as to allow Brian to move in with him during the New Brian debacle in "The Man with Two Brians".
  • Quagmire mentions that he has a girl tied up in his basement, yet in "420" he mentions that he found James under his house, indicating that he has no basement.
  • When Stewie is talking to Brian about Chris Farley, they are talking about the film Tommy Boy. However, Stewie mentions tapping on the glass causing him to fall down the hill which happens in the film Black Sheep which also stars David Spade and Chris Farley.
  • Quagmire criticizes Brian for not being involved in Dylan's life. However Quagmire has at least four children that he knows of, all of whom he willingly abandoned. Also, although Quagmire says that Brian never takes action despite his liberal beliefs, Brian did start a campaign to legalize pot in "420", and held Mayor West hostage to legalize gay marriage in "You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives". Also, Quagmire states that Brian always hits on Lois. However, Quagmire hits on Lois as well. This makes Quagmire seem very hypocritical.
  • Quagmire seemingly only discovered the internet in "Family Goy" and primarily was only interested in porn, yet knows you can find out all about the economy.

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