• Statler is featured in this episode saying how without Waldorf The Muppet Show is pretty good. A reference to their constant put-down of the show.
  • Peter refers to The D.C. sniper attacks that took place in 2002. The mastermind, John Allen Muhammad was executed on November 10th 2009, 12 days before the episode aired.
  • While interviewing Cleveland replacements, Quagmire makes a deal with Kevin Connolly that he be in the group if Quagmire can have some of his Kevin Connolly Charms cereal. He responds to the deal with "Oh No! They're after me Kevin Connolly Charms!", promptly running off with Quagmire behind, chasing him. This is an obvious reference to the advertising campaign of the cereal Lucky Charms, where Lucky the Leprechaun, the owner of the cereal, is constantly chased by children who want his Lucky Charms, saying a phrase very similar to what Connolly said. The box art on the Kevin Connolly Charms cereal box is even similar to the box art on the Lucky Charms cereal box.
  • Jerome and Quagmire quote jive from the film Airplane!.
  • Jerome uses Gary Coleman's catch phrase from Diff'rent Strokes "What 'chou talking about?", prompting a laugh from Peter who recognizes the reference.

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