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  • This episode retcons the fight sequence between Joe and The Grinch from "A Hero Sits Next Door". He admits this story was a lie.
  • This episode again mentions Quagmire's like for cats.
  • The name of Quagmire's cat can be translated as "Princess."
  • The song that plays in the beginning of Joe's flashback is "Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind.
  • When the guys are in Joe's room dedicated to Bobby, Quagmire mentions that Kevin Swanson is 25.
  • The room where Joe collects clues on Briggs is similar to the room in A Beautiful Mind; Quagmire points this out.
  • Peter parodies military hand and arm signals.
  • Joe says he saw Reality Bites with Briggs.
  • The cutaway where South America breaks off from Africa references the Mesozoic breakup of Gondwana 130-110 million years ago.
  • Joe mentions that there is only one road into Ciudad Juárez. There are actually a number of border crossings between Juárez and El Paso.[1]
  • Unlike Brian, dog's claws are fixed and don't retract.
  • While in many episodes he is said a paraplegic, this episode shows him only being wounded in the legs.

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