Jolly Farm Review

Jolly Farm Revue is a fictional children's television program somewhat similar to Teletubbies. It airs on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) broadcast from London, England, and is shown on Quahog PBS 12 at 4pm.

The British version of Jolly Farm is hosted by Mother Maggie, with music from Melody Sheep, and stories from Pengrove Pig.

In "Road to Europe", Stewie Griffin plans to visit the farm to live, but, with Brian Griffin they accidentally board a flight to the Middle East instead of London, England. When they finally get to London, he finds out that the show is actually fake, and no longer likes the program.


In "Go, Stewie, Go!", it seems Stewie has resumed watching the program. A newspaper article Brian reads reveals that an American version of the show is planned, and Stewie, despite his previous hatred of the show, goes to the audition. However, while he waits, it is revealed all male roles were filled. Determined to get on the show, he cross-dresses as "Karina Smirnoff" in order to audition. He succeeds in getting the role of Mary Sunflower, but falls in love with co-star Julie, who is already in an on-and-off relationship with Randall. Eventually, Mary, and in effect, "Karina" reveals herself in a special live episode as Desmond Sunflower, and either quits or is fired. The fate of the show is unknown. Besides Mary/Desmond Sunflower, other known characters in the American version include a brunette Mother Maggie, a parody of Bert & Ernie named Bernie & Gert, Large Bird and Moody Green Garbage Creature (based on Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch), and the human characters that Julie and Randall play.

Peter finds out that Jolly Farm Revue is being canceled by Mother Maggie so that she may take fertility treatments in "You Can't Do That On Television, Peter", so he starts his own children's show called Petey's Funhouse.

Stewie uses his Time Machine to buy a Jolly Farm toy to the Quahog Mall that came out at Christmas in "Life of Brian" just prior to Brian's death. Later in "Christmas Guy", he spots himself returning it and "borrows" the time machine return pad from his past self, going back in time to warn Brian and avoid his death.

In "Meg Stinks!" Chris and Stewie watch Jolly Farm Revue until Brian is sprayed by a skunk.

Jolly Farm Revue is on the TV during Peter's party in "Quagmire's Mom".