Dressed Chris
  • When Stewie takes his shoes off at airport security, he continues through without putting them back on. Then on the plane, he is wearing them again.
  • When Peter is first seen in his robe, the pants he is wearing are black. However, when the family is running from the tribe, his pants are purple. Then, after a couple shots of the family running, his pants are black again.
  • When the plane is leaving, it appears that Chris is still wearing his normal clothes, however he should be wearing only his cap and loincloth.
  • When Peter is playing with the paddle-ball, it shows Brian behind him in the frame yellow.
  • When Lois comes in to tell Peter Chris has run off, Peter asks Lois to give him the paddleball that is on the table however when Lois first walks in, its not on the table.

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