Lois Griffin: [honks car horn] FRESHMAN!!!

Brian: Cut. Print. Gay.

Sandy Duncan: Hey, is Peter there? I'd like to rehire him, my glass eye isn't working out.
Glenn Quagmire: Hey, Wheat Thins. Take your top off!

Brian: This is amazing. You've got the largest hut in the village and all these servants. And you've only spent a dollar fifty.
Stewie: Uhh, that's a hell of a lot less than I had to spend to go see that piece of crap remake of Bewitched. [cuts to a theater]
Nicole Kidman: Guess what? I'm a witch!
Will Ferrell: Guess what? I'm a Clippers fan! [theater audience laugh apart from Stewie]
Stewie: Mmhmmm... [Stewie calmly leaves the theater, hails a taxi, goes to the airport, goes through ticketing and security, gets on a plane, passes the time reading a magazine until the plane lands in LA on the other side of America from Quahog, finds the prearranged limo driver, goes to the hardware store, buys a stepladder, returns to the limo, goes to Will Ferrell's house, calmly walks to the front door, unfolds the ladder, climbs it to ring the bell, and Will Ferrell comes to the door]
Will Ferrell: Hello? [Stewie punches Ferrell in the face]

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