Stewie: [yawns] Good morning, Rupert. Please tell me you've set the timer on the coffee maker because I completely forgo... Aaagh!! Agghh!!
Brian: Ah-ha-ha-ha!
Stewie: You son of a bitch!
Brian: Good morning. Thought I'd help you wake up.
Stewie: [cowers behind Brian] God, why does he look sad?! He's already destroyed mankind; what else could he want?!

Stewie: He's bleeding, man. He's bleeding and nobody's doing anything about it. I'll tell what the news of the world is; We're in a lot of Goddamn trouble!

[Brian and Carl played a prank on Stewie]
Brian: Thanks, Carl.
Carl: Yeah, you're welcome, that was fun.
Brian: See you later.
Carl: Hey, umm...thanks for letting me be Yoda.
Brian: Yeah.

Brian: Stewie?
Stewie: [cocks gun] Rupert, we won't give that evil robot the satisfaction of killing us. We'll go together, on our own terms. See you on the other side. [shoots Rupert]
Brian: Oh, my God! Stewie, no! [knocks the gun away as Stewie is about to shoot himself] What the hell's wrong with you?
Stewie: It's that robot. He killed Queen, and now he's going to kill me!
Brian: He didn't kill Queen. They're all fine. [pauses] Most of them are fine. Look, Stewie, I'm sorry for scaring you, all right? But come on, it's not a real robot. See? It's just an album. Look. Here, you wanna hit it?
Stewie: Well...I'm usually more comfortable around things if I can put them in my mouth. So, can I put it in my mouth?
Brian: I guess.
Stewie: [puts the corner of the album in his mouth] This is just an album.
Brian: Yeah, that's what I've been trying to tell you. So, you know, can you forgive me?

Stewie: Hey fat ass! [Yamamoto looks on Stewie] I got news for you, the news of the world! [zooms in on the album and Yamamoto gets scared]
Yamamoto: Agh! Why does robot hold dead people? Is that future or past?

Chris: Oh, my God, Stewie! You saved my life!
Stewie: Ah, you would've done the same for me, Chris. The important thing is, we're all gonna be okay. Right, Giant Robot?

Joe: Damn it! He must've gotten away!
Chris: How is that possible?
Joe: I don't know, but I'd better make it look like there was a struggle; someone punch me in the face. [Peter punches Joe's face, collapses on the patio; Peter grabs his wheelchair and gives a blow, bleeding]
Peter: I'm a good friend to you.

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