• Principal Shepherd was voiced by Seth MacFarlane in his first appearance of the series. Gary Cole provided the role from "The Kiss Seen Around the World" and onwards.
  • While some toads do produce venom that can cause a psychoactive effect, merely licking the toad would not likely produce a strong effect. Also, there is no actual species of toad called the “Colombian Spotted Toad”; this toad was deliberately made up with a fictional effect being given when licked.
  • At the beginning of the episode the two parachuting Colombians speak ungrammatical Spanish with Korean subtitles. The first Columbian says, “If the boss finds out, we’re dead.” The second asks, “Did you remember to close the garage door this morning?” The Korean subtitles are something similar to what is said in Spanish.
  • Peter attempts to imitate Happy Days character Fonzie by saying the catch phrase “Aaaay” and pounding on a jukebox in order to get it to start. However, it doesn’t work, and in his second attempt, he breaks the jukebox, causing glass shards to get stuck in his hand.
  • The song “Gotta Give Up the Toad” is based on “You're the One That I Want” from the 1978 film Grease.
  • The song being played at the dance is “Get Outta My Dreams” by Billy Ocean.
  • Chris mentions Meg strangling their other sister to prove she could do bad things...something Lois and Peter quickly and suspiciously dismiss.
  • At the end of the episode, the flagpole outside James Woods High School is flying the American flag at half-staff, in memory of the “deceased” Lando Griffin.
  • Lois reveals she is two years younger than Peter when he says "You don't remember what it's like to be my age!" Lois says "I'm two years younger than you!". However, in "Meet the Quagmires", when Peter goes back to when he was 18, he and Lois were the same age, although only Brian's exclamation that she is 18 supports this. The two year separation is later confirmed in "Baby, You Knock Me Out".
  • Peter encounters Spider-Man When he is sneaking out of his room he falls and is caught in a web hammock.
  • When Peter tells Lois that 'people do a lot of crazy things just to be accepted', a fraternity type initiation of Supreme Court Justices is shown. The Justices, specifically Sandra Day O'Connor, tells David Souter if he wants to be a Supreme Court Justice he must pick up a cherry with his buttocks and drop it in a mug of beer after traveling through an obstacle course.
  • When Peter as Lando is seen in Connie's living room waiting to take her to the dance, both her parents question Peter on his age. However, in "Stew-Roids" while Connie is the Griffin's home for dinner, she reveals that her father died when she was a young girl.

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