• In the beginning, when the "leafers" come from New York, the boat the Griffins were on crashes into the bay. When Peter jumps off the boat and runs across the dock, half of his body disappears.
  • At the dojo, Brian is seen between Peter and Meg. After Lois defeats her master, he is gone.
  • When Stewie is at the therapist's, he puts the husband and wife doll onto the table and grabs the notepad. Seconds later, he tackles the therapist, knocking over the table where the dolls have mysteriously disappeared.
  • When Lois kicks Peter to the stereo, his nose turns white very briefly.
  • When Peter says "I'm sick of Lois' anger management classes!", his eyes turn to flesh.
  • The fight scene starts with the donkey painting nowhere to be seen. It suddenly appears when Meg breaks the vase over Chris's head.
  • When Peter is trying to turn a profit out of Lois' new fighting capabilities, the sign besides him first reads "Fight the ass-kicking housewife", and has two metal rings used to flip over a new text. When the view cuts back to a far view showing the entire front yard, the sign reads "$10.00", and is missing both rings. The next shot after that shows the text back to the original state, and the rings back in place.

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