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  • This episode marks the death of a Griffin as announced at Comic-Con 2013 [1].
  • Brian Griffin dies in this episode, and his replacement, Vinny, is introduced.
  • Brian is killed in the same way that his human counterpart was in "Road to the Multiverse" by being struck by a car.
  • "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper plays during the 1920s cutaway.
  • The episode contains a callback to the Ipecac gag from "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter" when Vinny remarks on the vomit smell in the carpet.
  • The show makes a meta-joke in regards to the split season DVDs that resulted in sets being labeled as "Volumes" in DVD region 1 and often mislabeled as "Seasons" in other regions. The episode is contained in Family Guy Season 12 which attempted to correct the issue.
  • The uncensored version contains a running gag of Vinny calling his mom to tell her how he is doing with his new family.
  • Vinny's apparent ethnic slur directed at Jerome remains censored in the DVD version.
  • The DVD commentary notes that Stewie's Middle-Eastern parts supplier was originally supposed to be involved with bombing a 10k run, a joke that was dropped after the Boston Marathon bombing which caused major issues for rebroadcasts of "Turban Cowboy".

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