Little Brother
Little Brother
From the episode: The Boys in the Band
Singers: Stewie Griffin, Brian
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"Little Brother" is sung by Stewie with Brian humming the along during a rehearsal at Bob's Funland Amusement Park after they form a children's band in "The Boys in the Band" and start performing at various gigs. Stewie is inspired to write and perform songs about issues that babies really care about when he gets tired of insipid adult singers that fail to do so. However, Olivia Fuller had been encouraging Stewie to break up his partnership with Brian after she sees that they are successful and tries to work her way into replacing one of the pair.


I want a a little brother

On second thought, I think I'll kill him dead

[Into the microphone] Can we just cut Brian's mike? His humming sounds like my table's ready at Chili's.