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Peter: Now remember, I love you just the way you are. And besides, there's nothing wrong with being 35.
Lois: Peter, I'm 43.
Peter: Get out of this house.

Peter: I'm gonna get our old mom back! Brian, keys! Chris, beer! Meg, UG-LAAAAAY!!!!

[Lois walks towards Justin Bieber's dressing room with a security guard in front of the door]
Security Guard: Sorry, you're not allowed in here.
Lois: Oh yeah? [lifts up her shirt]
Security Guard: I'm not into that.
Lois: Oh. Well, what are you into?
Security Guard: Pinkberry.
[cut to the security guard holding a pink ice cream treat]
Security Guard: I love my job! Yum yum yum yum yum yum.

Lois: No Peter, I don't want to act my age and you don't want that either. Otherwise, you wouldn't have called me an old plowhorse!
Peter: Look, I didn't mean too. I was a jerk, I'm sorry.

[Mario jumps on Sheldon when he's about to kill Stewie]
Stewie: Oh my God, Super Mario? what are you doing here?
Mario: I jump on a turtle Stewie. It's not an exciting life, but it's my life.

Peter: Brian: keys. Chris: beer. Meg: ugly.

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