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  • When he has a shotgun pointing at her, Stewie says to Lois "Say hi to Cleveland for me. Oh, and Mr. Weed." This is his first mentioning since his death in "Mr. Saturday Knight" when he choked to death on a dinner roll. In "Jungle Love", Peter had moved on from the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory by finding employment at the Pawtucket Brewery.
  • During the scene where Brian is driving Stewie to the CIA, when his gun goes off a total of 18 shots are heard. Although the car takes damage when Stewie shoots it up after nearly falling asleep, it is intact again when they reach CIA Headquarters.
  • When the family is tied up, Peter suggests starting a rumor and then says that Rob Schneider picks up immigrants at Home Depot and makes them choke him in the shower. Later in the episode, this is revealed to actually be true.
  • Willem Dafoe used to live under Stewie's cot. Stewie was scared of him.
  • Agent Stan Smith and Deputy Director Avery Bullock are seen in the episode.
  • While Lois normally wears a bra, she does not seem to wear one during Stewie's simulation.
  • Stewie says he should have been this big when he practices for American Idol. It then cuts to him preforming "Lost In Your Eyes" for American Idol. He fails, and then exits the audition room giving a tear-felt speech typical of Idol rejects.
  • Stewie's entry number for American Idol is 09346.
  • When Stewie attacks Lois with the flamethrower, he burns the American flag. This is a common anti-American symbol.
  • When Stewie forces Brian to drive away from the house, the sound of the engine turning over can clearly be heard. However, because of the way that the engine is designed, a Toyota Prius has a silent ignition.
  • During the battle between Lois and Stewie in the oval office, the presidential portraits can be seen on the wall. Bill Clinton appears naked in his portrait.
  • Lois finishes off the chaingun's ammunition on George W. Bush's presidential portrait.
  • The fat camp that Lois goes to work at is called Camp Putdownadaforka.
  • Despite Stewie creating his own flag featuring his face against an orange and yellow background, the flag Lois is holding is American.
  • In the uncensored version, Magic Johnson reappears and does a similar routine as he did in the "Blue Harvest" episode.
  • When Lois and Peter switch bodies, Peter hums the Green Acres theme song while playing with Lois' breasts. This scene is deleted in some showings due to sexual references.
  • There was originally going to be a musical number sung by Stewie while giving his televised address to the world, but it was cut for time. It appears on the DVD.
  • According to Seth MacFarlane in the DVD commentary, this is the last episode they were able to fully produce before the WGA went on strike. He has gone on record to say that he does not want FOX to hire anyone to finish any future episodes without his consent or involvement.
  • For this episode, Ron Jones was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for "Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (original Dramatic Score)" in 2008.

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