• During the scene in which Peter's parrot gets injured, the parrot says "shoot me." This is a reference to a scene in the film Full Metal Jacket in which a sniper is killed.
  • After Peter's parrot dies, he says that he screwed up worse than Disney did in casting Michael J. Fox in a Zorro remake, a reference to the box-office failure of The Legend of Zorro and Fox's Parkinson's Disease as indicated by the messed-up Z insignia. It should also be noted that "zorro" is Spanish for "fox."
  • When Peter and his pirate friends break into Goldman's Pharmacy, Mort yells "Oh, no! Kristallnacht!" Kristallnacht was when the Nazi soldiers destroyed many Jewish-owned stores.
  • The 80's novelty answering machine rap message is a reference to a real cassette tape that contained funny answering machine greetings called Crazy Calls.[1]

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