• This episode was originally titled "Powerball Fever" and was subject to conflicting information regarding the title prior to broadcast. Director Greg Colton confirmed the final issued title is "Lottery Fever". [1]
  • This is the second time the theme song was interrupted. The first time was in "Whistle While Your Wife Works".
  • The original broadcast version of this episode ended with Tom Tucker congratulating the winner of the "Great News, We're Rich!" sweepstakes promotion by FOX by name, while Nikki keeps shouting random phrases in the background. The winner was Daniel SanMartino Marero.[2]
  • While Chris is trying to impress Peter, he says he was thinking about joining the army. Chris wanted to join the army in "Saving Private Brian".
  • The showgirl hints that Peter got her pregnant although Peter had a vasectomy in "Sibling Rivalry".

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