• The title is a reference to the film Love Actually.
  • When Brian starts to lie about how he likes Loretta, and how beautiful he thinks she is, and how attractive he thinks she is, Brian's nose starts to grow like Pinocchio's nose does. It is also a reference to the scene in the film Airplane!. Brian also repeats the line, "free to pursue a life of religious fulfillment", which is a line uttered by Dr. Rumack, played by Leslie Nielsen in Airplane!.
  • Stewie finds a book that is called Horton Hears Domestic Violence in the Next Apartment and Doesn't Call 911. That is a reference to Horton Hears a Who!.
  • Peter says to Brian "You know, sometimes I don't believe I know you". This same line is said by the Captain von Trapp to Max in The Sound of Music.
  • When Quagmire runs into Cleveland at the hotel where Lorreta is, Cleveland asks why he is nude. Quagmire responds, "What?! People have been telling me that I have been wearing robes made from the most beautiful silk!" That is a reference from a Child's book called The Emperor's New Clothes.
  • When Cleveland and Carolyn are making love, Cleveland says, "And boom goes the dynamite." This is a reference to a YouTube video of an awkward Ball State University Sports Reporter.[1]

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