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  • In the scene when Peter finds out that Stewie has been taken away, the picture of Stewie has an inverted shirt.
  • This episode reveals Quagmire's first name, Glenn.
  • This episode introduces Cleveland Brown, Jr.
  • The sign outside of the child services building reads Taking Your Children Away For Over 50 Years.
  • Joe shoots Charlton Heston accidentally when the safety on his firearm is off.
  • Stewie asks his foster parents for pancakes in Spanish, French and impromptu Swahili.
  • Brian hits Rod Serling on the back of a head with a shovel.
  • According to the Family Guy Volume 2 DVD in a featurette about the show's politically incorrect humor, Seth MacFarlane cites this episode as the one that solidified Glenn Quagmire's character as a (to quote MacFarlane), "heartless sex hound" (cf. the scene after he has sex with the social worker, she asks, "Glenn, honey, I have a question for you: what do you do for a living?" to which Quagmire [and, with a split screen effect, Seth speaking in Quagmire's voice on the DVD featurette] replies, "Hey, I got a question for you too: why are you still here?")
  • Lois points out that Peter's idea is esoteric; he believes it means delicious. Esoteric actually means something which is recognized by a select few, i.e., a rather specific cultural reference.
  • As of now, this is the only time Meg ever laughs like Peter.
  • When Peter snoops into his neighbor's houses, he decides to vandalize their portraits by drawing mustaches on them. As Cleveland is the only Spooner Street resident with facial hair, Peter instead decides to erase his mustache. This marks the only appearance so far of a clean-shaven Cleveland.
  • A shirt based on the scene with Stewie's "RED RUM" blocks has been produced
  • Bonnie admits she becomes sexually aroused while watching her husband working undercover. Joe himself also has a similar fetish as he enjoys watching his wife from afar while pretending she is a woman he has never met in "Barely Legal".
  • Due to airing out of order, Meg is voiced by Lacey Chabert.

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