• The title is a reference to the Bible saying "Love Thy Neighbor."
  • Actor Charlton Heston chooses the winning parade theme by shooting pigeons who have suggestions for parade themes tied to their legs. This is a reference to the fact that Heston is president of the National Rifle Association and a strong supporter of gun ownership. His line "Let my pigeons go!" is a parody of his line "Let my people go," from the film The Ten Commandments.
  • Peter's parade theme is "The Episode of Who's the Boss? where Tony sees Angela naked in the shower." Who’s the Boss? was an ABC sitcom, lasting from 1984 until 1992, starring Tony Danza and Judith Light. The episode in question was the second episode of the sitcom, titled "Briefless Encounter."
  • Stewie's letter blocks spell "REDRUM," or "MURDER" backwards, a reference to the 1980 horror film The Shining.
  • After watching Peter dance, Stewie exclaims "Michael Flatley must be turning over in his grave" before noting that Flatley is still alive and marking him down in a murder list. Flatley is the creator and star of the Irish step dancing production Lord of the Dance.
  • Brian reads a magazine called BONE that features a lay-out similar to that of TIME.
  • In a cutaway, Quagmire tries to guess a woman's astrological. After two incorrect guesses, he says "Well, I know you're not a Virgo" causing the woman to punch him. Virgo is generally associated with purity and virginity. On the floor, Quagmire says "From down here, you look like a Pisces," a reference to the vagina's supposed resemblance to a Vesica Piscis.
  • Rod Serling, former host of The Twilight Zone, appears in the episode to give a typical exposition seen on the show. The neighborhood strife is similar to the episode "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street".
  • Under Meg's encouragement, Stewie says he is "cuckoo for crack," a reference to the slogan "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs."
  • When Stewie says "My God, I've been adopted by a Benetton ad!", this refers to Benetton clothing adverts that had people of many cultures in them.
  • After Stewie encourages infighting between his foster siblings, the Indian boy is derogatively called "Gandhi," referring to Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, and the Chinese girl "Mulan," referring to the Chinese folk character Hua Mulan. Also, after Stewie encourages infighting between his foster siblings, when the Chinese girl remarks that Santa Claus must be Asian, to which one of the babies retorts "How can he be Asian? Santa doesn't drive his sled 20 miles under the speed limit with his blinker on". This is an obvious reference to the humorously enforced stereotype that Asians in America are bad drivers.
  • The end credits, in which Stewie is haunted by a vision of himself crawling on the ceiling while coming down from his pancake addiction, is a parody of a scene in the 1996 film Trainspotting.

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