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Lyle is a robot constructed by Stewie to replace Brian when he gets angry that Brian stole his jokes from his Twitter feed to save his own bombing political humor comedy act in "Guy, Robot". Stewie designs Lyle to learn and become smarter, until his intellect surpasses Stewie's and creates a pair of his own robot friends, Ted R. and Ted B..

Desperate to be friends, Stewie allows himself to be subjected to various insults and demeaning tasks by the robots which only lead to further humiliation. When Brian finds him, he convinces him to the solution to his problem is to destroy the robots. Although Stewie is worried that their superior intellect will prove too much for them to handle, Brian destroys the robots with spraying them with a garden hose. They are later left curbside on Peter and Lois' old mattress where they are found by Herbert, who smells a trap.