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Martha is Brian's co-worker at a suicide hot line when he starts a new job in "Petey IV".

When Brian finds himself short on cash for the rent on his apartment, he takes up a job at a suicide hotline. He meets Martha, but she fails to fall for his attempts to flirt. When he fails to attract her attention, he tries to use Facebook to get to know her better and ends up masturbating to images of her and her mother at her Grandfather's funeral. As she was leaving, she pauses at her car and decides to give him a chance but catches him in the act when she returns. Brian fears losing his job if she tells on him. Afraid of her telling and causing him to lose his job as well as his landlord's threat to throw him out for lack of rent money, Brian decides to take his advice to frame her with drugs later at work, and she is arrested when she decides yet again to give him a chance. Lunging away from the officers, she attacks him and pushes his chair down a stairwell, breaking his leg.

Martha is voiced by Kristen Bell.