Mass Media Murderer

The Mass Media Murderer is a murderer and a burglar, that appeared in Family Guy.

He is first seen on top of Quahog City Hall threatening to kill Hugh Downs, in "The Kiss Seen Around the World". Meg Griffin and Neil Goldman are sent to cover the event as they are working as interns for Quahog 5 News. Downs eventually takes down the Mass Media Murderer.

In his next appearance, he is robbing the Quahog Mini-Mart in "To Love and Die in Dixie". Chris Griffin witnesses the robbing and identifies him out of a lineup. After escaping from prison, he finds out and Chris and the family are placed in the Witness Protection Program and are relocated to Bumblescum, Alabama. The Mass Media Murderer tracks Chris down, but is shot by Sam's father who has forgiven Peter for his earlier antics because he was a citizen. His corpse was kicked off the bridge and swept away by the current.