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McBurgertown is a chain of fast food restaurants with its headquarters apparently near Quahog, Rhode Island.

Peter Griffin saves local restaurant owner Todd Meyers when the restaurant catches fire in "McStroke", however loses his mustache. Peter was rewarded by being given free hamburgers whenever he wanted them. Peter had a stroke after he ate thirty hamburgers in one sitting. Peter tried to sue the company but lost. Determined to prove the company is evil, he sneaks his way into the corporate headquarters by posing as a foreign investor. He discovers the McBurgertown slaughterhouse and frees Mr. Cow who exposes the company for its practices.

His infant son Stewie goes to work for McBurgertown in "Baby Not On Board" to support himself believing that his family wasn't coming back. He is fired for eating while on the job.

A pregnant Stewie's water breaks at McBurgertown in "Stewie Is Enceinte".

Peter stops for breakfast in "Follow the Money", ordering huevos rancheros and and orange soda without a cap.