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Chris Griffin

Chris and Evil Monkey





Secret Agent Astronaut Milionare Peter

Secret Agent Astronaut Millionaire Peter

Mezco Toyz has put out eight series of collectible Family Guy figures:

Series 1 - Peter, Lois, Chris, Brian, Stewie, Bedtime Stewie.
Series 2 - Peter In The Buff, Rufus Griffin, Meg, Mutant Stewie, Quagmire, Death.
Series 3 - Tube Top Peter, Christobel, Joe Swanson, Jasper, The Pope, Mayor West.
Series 4 - Lethal Lois, XXXL Stewie, Cleveland, Mort Goldman, Tom and Jake Tucker, Mr. Weed.
Series 5 - Peter as Gary the No Trash Cougar, McGriffin, God, Tricia Takanawa, The Salesman, Greased-Up Deaf Guy.
Series 6 - Stewie 2.0, Sexy Party Stewie, Banana Brian, Clevemire, Bertram, Seamus.
Series 7 - Bionic Peter, Commando Stewie, Groovy Death, Performance Artist, Bad Girl Lois, Neil Goldman.
Series 8 - Secret Agent Astronaut Millionaire Peter, Bathrobe Quagmire, Exercise Chris, Diane Simmons.
Mezco also made variants of some figures in this line. A few examples are Hoodless Death, Pink Shirt Mr.Weed and Jasper figures, black belt Lois, and there are a few different eye variants for Peter, Mort, Stewie, Lois and Bedtime Stewie.
There is also a Peter vs. the Giant Chicken two pack and a Nighttime Peter and Lois two pack. There are also exclusive figures they are a Comic-Con exclusive Mr. Herbert and Jesse, Comic-Con Deluxe Evil Monkey with flocked fur, Toyfair Chris, Suncoast Grillin' and Chillin' Peter, Spencers Gifts Nighttime Peter and Lois variant set, and a Spencers Gifts Deluxe 18 inch Talking Peter.
Mezco has also produced a number of special releases and custom items. They also produced the figures seen in the Family Guy Pinball Machine. In 2009, Mezco began reissuing earlier figures under the name 'Family Guy Classics' with different colored packaging.

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