Mintos jingle
From the episode: Mind Over Murder
Singers: Studio Singers
Voices: Studio Singers

Mintos is a brand of breathmints. In "Mind Over Murder", an advertisement for the mints is seen. In it, John Wilkes Booth works up the nerve to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln after sampling Mintos. However, he misses his target and is gently admonished by Lincoln.


Dooby do wahhhhhh aaa do wahhh

When life is getting to you

Put some fresh in your life

Let Mintos freshen up your life

Life is just a breeze when you stay fresh and cool

'Cause Mintos puts the fresh in life

Taste that freshness, just can't beat it

Mintos freshness

Let Mintos freshen your life!

Announcer: Mintos...The fresh maker.

Meg: These commercials are stupid.

Lois: They certainly don't make me want a minto.

Brian: Totally ineffective.