Mommy and Daddy's Room
From the episode: The Boys in the Band
Singers: Stewie Griffin, Brian, Olivia Fuller
Voices: Seth MacFarlane, Rachael MacFarlane

"Mommy and Daddy's Room" is sung by Stewie and Brian when they form a children's band in "The Boys in the Band" while performing at a birthday party. Later, Olivia Fuller replaces Stewie after she connives her way into getting the pair to break up.


Mommy Daddy Room


Stewie: When everybody's gone to sleep

And you've said "Goodnight moon"

There's plenty of noise still coming

From mommy and daddy's room

Brian: Oh, daddy says "please"

Mommy says "no"

Stewie: Daddy says "Come, on"

Mommy says "Whoa!"

Brian: Daddy goes "UGH!"

Mommy goes "Oww"

Stewie: Daddy says "I'm done"

Mommy goes "wow"

Together: Daddy rolls over and falls asleep

Mommy drinks wine in the dark