Mother Maggie
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Mother Maggie is the host of Jolly Farm Revue, one of Stewie Griffin's favorite television programs. He becomes infatuated with her in "Road to Europe." He decides to travel all the way to England to become part of the show and meet her in person. Upon meeting her he discovers that the show is a fake, she's quite rude and a heavy smoker. The original Mother Maggie, a blonde, was voiced by Lauren Graham. She wears a white flowered headband

In "Go, Stewie, Go!", the producers of the upcoming American adaptation of the show decided on casting a brunette in the role. She is joined by such children as Karina Smirnoff, Julie, and Randall. She wears a pink flowered headband and was voiced by Anne Hathaway.

In "You Can't Do That On Television, Peter", she announces that the Revue is going off the air so that she can have fertility treatments. She is voiced by Katharine McPhee in this appearance.

The American Mother Maggie appears on the box to a toy that Stewie buys at the Quahog Mall in "Christmas Guy".