• Although she appears in scenes at the air show and in front of the television, Meg has no speaking lines in this episode.
  • Both Quahog Channel 5 and radio station 97.1 where Brian and Stewie worked have the station identification letters "WQHG".
  • A scene portrays how Darth Vader came to his senses from being a meter maid and decided to build the Death Star. Shortly before the episode aired, a series titled "Chad Vader" explored similar concepts.[1]
  • Greta Van Susteren's name is spelled on the billboard as "Greta Van Sustren."
  • Quagmire’s plane flies through the crotches of Veronica Mars and Paris Hilton on billboards advertising Veronica Mars and The Simple Life.
  • The song played when Peter, Tom and Thelma are having family time together is called “Give Me the Simple Life”, performed by June Christy.
  • Tom prompted Peter to watch Chicken Little.
  • A sound byte that Stewie plays during the radio show comes from the film Philadelphia. "Don't you do it!" is from the film An Officer and A Gentleman. The "food fight" sound byte would've been from Animal House.
  • Brian mentions Stewie selling out. The resulting flashback parodies the Butterfinger commercials The Simpsons did in the early 1990s. Stewie says Bart Simpson’s catchphrase from the commercials, “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger,” before adding a forced “D’oh!”
  • Peter compares his mother’s sudden announcement to a Peanuts reunion, showing a cutaway gag where Charlie Brown is a drug addict and admits to having sold Snoopy heroin as well as being suggested that Snoopy and Woodstock overdosed and died.
  • Kermit the Frog appears in RoundTable, with other notable individuals who have similarly thick voices. Included were actors Ray Romano and Harold Ramis, and sportscaster Al Michaels.
  • Thelma's ring is usually on her second finger from her thumb. But in the scene where Peter is in the stroller, the ring is not visible.
  • The short-lived 2005 NBC series Three Wishes is spoofed in a cutaway sequence. The mention of Spider-Man impersonated by an overweight crew member in a horrible costume giving a Sears gift certificate in that sequence is a nod to the heavy involvement Sears’ rival J.C. Penney had with the series.
  • The name Peter uses to fake call his mother on the phone was "Dr. T & the Women" which was a 2000 American romantic comedy film of the same name. This would later be parodied in "Dr. C & The Women".
  • In the closing credits, Anne-Michelle Seiler's name is alphabetized out of order.
  • Despite coming in a DVD casing that says 'uncensored,' the topless woman's breasts in Brian & Stewie's radio show Dingo and the Baby are still censored.

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