• When Brian is siting down at the baseball game, he is the last in the row but after Mr. Weed catches Peter, an extra seat has been added to the row.
  • A few shots after Stewie tricks the little boy into getting his bat and baseball, the boy disappears and is replaced by an older looking man.
  • When Chris is holding the sign for John 3:16 and Peter begins to reach for the phone to call Mr. Weed, his hand passes through Chris's arm.
  • When Peter shows the Baby-Smokes-a-Lot at the meeting, it has the cigarette in it's mouth. When he showed it at dinner, it had it in it's hand.
  • When Peter circles the table, Brian's hands cannot be seen, although later they can be seen when Peter is standing at the end of the table.
  • After the window is opened and Mr. Harrison shoots Connor the poodle, Jerry switches places with the grey hair guy.
  • At the beginning of the second meeting several of the characters change designs over the course of the meeting.

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