• This episode marks the last appearance of Peter’s boss, Mr. Weed and the first appearance of Ollie Williams, who shouts, “IT’S GON’ RAIN!”
  • This is the last Family Guy episode to air before the 9/11 attacks.
  • We learn the original surname of Mr. Weed family was Bermudagrass. Bermuda grass, while prized for its hardiness, is sometimes considered to be a weed. Both are also slang terms for marijuana.
  • Stewie plays Mad Libs based on the fairy tale Cinderella.
  • A flashback shows Peter on the 1970s educational show The Electric Company.
  • When Lois drops Peter off at the renaissance fair, his car door opens up as if it were a suicide door.
  • When Peter has a flashback to when the Black Knight saves him, he recalls taking LSD but being told that it was a cheeseburger.
  • Mort says that he once took too many antihistamines and thought he was Mr. Peanut, the Planters' mascot.
  • When a server at the fair speaks in Old English language, Peter says “Listen you freak, we don’t all watch Frasier.”
  • Lois says the ending of this episode reminds her of the episode of The Honeymooners in which Ralph lost his job and did not get it back by the end of the episode.
  • One of the classmates of Chris is also seen in “To Love and Die in Dixie” but features as Chris’s crush, Barbara.
  • For the end credits, a “medieval” version of the theme song is heard.
  • Chris watches a rerun of the 1970s game show The Match Game with host Gene Rayburn reading this question to the panel: “Forgetful Freddy was so forgetful, when he tried to remember someone’s name he drew a blank,” parodying the show’s use of fill-in-the-blank queries. Brett Somers appears on The Match Game as one of the panelists. Dan Palladino notes in the episode commentary that they made a mistake in her placement, shifting her to the side from her traditional top center seat.
  • To impress Mr. Weed, the Chris, Stewie and Meg sing "So Long, Farewell" from the musical The Sound of Music. According to Seth MacFarlane on the DVD commentary track for this episode, the estate of Rodgers and Hammerstein asked that an unrelated “fart joke” be removed from the script before approving the use of the song "So Long, Farewell".
  • Also in the commentary, MacFarlane comments that the censors would not allow them to use the term “half and half” in the scene where Peter tries out prostitution as a job. The censors did allow the term “Cleveland steamer”, which MacFarlane cheerfully admitted is a much more vile, if lesser known, concept.

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