Gladys & Abner Kravitz are fictional characters on the American situation comedy Bewitched. Gladys Kravitz is extremely nosy, frequently peeking through her curtains at the Stephens' home. She is convinced that there is something strange going on in their household, and she would yell for her husband Abner, although she can never adequately prove her assertions to him.

In "Dammit Janet!", Gladys yells for Abner when Chris Griffin knocks a plastic reindeer off the roof of the Griffin home. Mr. Kravitz is sitting naked on the couch with a bowl of popcorn covering his genitals and points out that it took him two hours to get up the nerve to rent a porno and inquires if she is going to watch it with him.

Gladys Kravitz is voiced by Alex Borstein. Abner Kravitz is voiced by Danny Smith.