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Mrs. Parkers is a resident at the Quahog Retirement Home where Meg becomes a student volunteer in "The Heartbreak Dog".

When Meg tries to introduce herself, Mrs. Parkers is not able to process the information, but when Meg asks for another assignment, Mrs. Parkers forgets with whom she is speaking to and admits that she hates her new student volunteer Meg, calling her ugly and believes she has a boy's body odor.

She later instructs Meg to get a tube of itch creme from her dresser. Inside, Meg spots a broach and decides to take it, leading to thefts from other residents. Chris finds out and wants a piece of the action. But when their conscious starts to get the better of them, they decide to return the stolen goods, only to get caught. Mrs. Parkers demands that for not calling the police, that they spend more time at the home, serving the residents and listening to their stories.

Mrs. Parkers is voiced by Alex Borstein.