PMS Ms Pacman

Ms. Pac-Man is an arcade video game produced by Midway as an unauthorized sequel to Pac-Man.

In a cutaway in "Stuck Together, Torn Apart", Peter Griffin compares his trial separation from his wife, Lois, to the divorce of Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man. Three of the ghosts, Blinky, Clyde, and Funky visit Pac-Man to cheer him up afterwards. Pac-Man, who took up smoking, doesn't attempt to consume them, even after the ghosts turn vulnerable.

In "Meet the Quagmires", Peter is shown playing Menstrual Ms. Pac-Man when he goes back in time to 1984, where the game sits in St. Elmo's Clam.

Peter describes Quagmire and Sujin as a cute couple, just like Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-man in "Candy Quahog Marshmallow!". A cutaway implies Pac-Man performing oral sex on Ms. Pac-Man, accompanied by his munching sounds.