The National Association for the Advancement of Fat People, usually abbreviated as NAAFP, is a civil rights group in the United States founded by Peter Griffin. Its mission is to ensure the social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate hatred and discrimination by how overweight and/or obese someone may be. The only other identified members were named Victor and Todd. The membership of the group is male-only, as "fat chicks" were disallowed.

The group was first formed in "The Fat Guy Strangler", after he finally realized how fat he truly was. The group even has its own anthem, first performed at a member's funeral. Seating at meetings was limited, and snacks were always brought. Sometimes, they met inside the founder's home. Some of its members were murdered by Patrick Pewterschmidt, who became known as the Fat Guy Strangler. One of the NAAFP members survived an attack, and eats so much that he requests to eat a member that did not survive. The founder's infant son, Stewie, spotted him trying to do so.

In the original broadcast showing of "Brian & Stewie", Brian shows the "NAAFP Anthem" clip as part of the musical numbers extended footage.