From the episode: Peter's Progress
Singers: Cleveland Brown;s ancestor
Voices: Mike Henry

"Nerds!" was a song performed in "Peter's Progress" sung by Cleveland Brown's ancestor. Cleveland's ancestor did lead vocals, Joe's and Quagmire's were samplers, Griffin Peterson was the violinist, Seamus's ancestor was the guitarist, while Mort's and other townspeople were the chorus. The scene was a parody of the film Revenge of the Nerds.


Clap your hands everybody! And everybody clap your hands

We are the Quahog colonists. And Mort the Jew

Hey there.

Were out here on stage tonight, to do a show for you

We got Peterson on the violin

And Quagmire and Joe will be joining in

We got stumpy Seamus on the lead guitar

And he's gonna give you a great big