The New England Toy and Game Company is the company that made Rupert, Stewie's teddy bear.

When the company issues a recall for the bears due to a choking hazard of the eyes coming off, Lois sends Rupert back without telling Stewie, fearing it would upset him. When Stewie finds him missing, Brian tells him what happened and shows him the replacement toy giraffe they sent which Stewie rejects. Stewie decides to go to the factory and retrieve Rupert at all costs and enlists Brian's help. They slip into the factory on a tour and find the recall room, only to realize there are thousands of identical bears.

As Stewie despairs of ever finding the real Rupert, Brian tries to comfort him. He spots a conveyor belt loading the bears into a furnace and discovers the real Rupert. Stewie gains access to the belt and makes his way to Rupert. As Rupert nearly falls in, Stewie grabs him and tries to retreat off the belt himself before falling in but get trapped by a large dollhouse. Brian tries failed toy after failed toy until he manages to stop the belt by jamming a pogo stick in the gears and Stewie is reunited with Rupert for good.

The factory maintains an armed guard on a catwalk just in case any of the toys come to life and try to escape, A stuffed elephant is shot just as it achieves sentience. However, it late leads a pack of other shot toys into the recall room in a bid to escape although they quickly realize that it isn't the exit.